The dedication of the ROTSE-IIIb instrument is in honor of the tragic loss of the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

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This is a view over towards Mt. Fowlkes, where the Hobby-Eberly is, as well as the ROTSE enclosure. The ROTSE enclosure is just over the peak, on the right side. You can't see it.
Doc, the ROTSE mascot, hard at work.
Eli, hard at work.
The front of the telescope, with the fixed secondary assembly.
Here's me, adjusting the focus bolt to get the secondary in the right place.
The fully-fixed secondary assembly.
Craig Wheeler and Eli Rykoff.
A group picture
A group picture with the vista in the background.
A group picture using the delayed shutter on the camera.
Here's an image of the telescope from below. Clicking on the picture will give you a high-resolution version of the same image, but it's about 11 Mb.
The results of the pepper stomping (see movies, below).
Carl Akerlof pouring some sparkling wine to toast the success of ROTSE-IIIb.
Members of the ROTSE-IIIb team.

We also have two Quicktime movies of our dedication "ceremony". In the words of Craig Wheeler, "why waste a bottle of champagne by smashing it on the side of the ship? Let's, in fine West Texas tradition, stomp on a Jalepeno pepper!"