Installing ROTSE-IIIb on Jan 29, 2003.

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The last few photos at the bottom show the problems we had.

Here's the back of the OTA with the primary and corrector cell installed.
Here's how the front of the mount attaches to the interface.
And here's how the rear attaches.
Here's the mount, fully assembled.
Eli with the assembled mount.
Fred and Johnny cut grooves into this 4x4 to make sure the straps wouldn't put tension on the sensitive parts of the mount.
Here they are making sure everything is secure.
Moving the forklift into a better position.
Fred held onto one rope...
And Johnny got the other.
They had to move the forklif in very short steps, since its axes of motion were not vertical/ horizontal.
Moving the mount into position.
Now they started lowering it.
As Fred slowly lowered it,
we made sure it landed on the pier properly.
Disappearing into the enclosure.
Making sure it was oriented correctly before removing the harness.
Removing the harness.
Here was our first sign of trouble. The flex metal is shredded, and the inner cylinder is clearly a long way away from where it should be.
Note the scraping on the back of the secondary.
This triangle bit was also scraped by something.
You can see here how part of the edge was worn away.