The mount base once we got the holes in the right place.
Tying the fork down... that it doesn't move while we lift it up.
Here comes the crane... lift up the mount... we can drill holes in the pier on which it sits.
Here's Fred, operating the crane.
Had to make sure the holding straps wouldn't slide over and damage sensitive parts of the mount when we lifted it.
When we lifted it, we found the telescope weighed just over 600 pounds.
Drilling new holes. The telescope is being dangled about four feet over the pier right now.
Threading the holes so that we can screw bolts into them.
The dangling telescope and lifting harness.
A wider angle to show the crane.
Some scoring damage to the inner cylinder of the secondary assembly by the broken flex ring.
The bottom of the secondary assembly with the repaired flex ring.
The top of the repaired secondary assembly.
Putting the screws back in that control the relative positioning of the elements.
A view down the inner cylinder.
The back of the telescope with the camera installed.